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Giving Back

Trees are vital to our fight against climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide, which in excess traps too much heat on the earth's surface, warming it. They also absorb other air pollutants, such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, ozone, and sulfur dioxide, while preventing water pollution by reducing runoff carrying pollutants into our lakes and oceans. In addition, tree planting alleviates poverty by creating dignified and meaningful jobs, especially in the Global South.

The United Nations Environment Programme in 2006 launched the Billion Tree Campaign as a way of combatting the challenges of climate change. It has since been handed over to the Plant-for-the-Planet organization and pushed upward to become the Trillion Tree Campaign. As we would love to contribute to this campaign, we have partnered with Eden Reforestation to plant 1 tree for every item sold on our shop.

Previously, our initiative was to have 1% of sales go to the purchasing of carbon offsets and we have offset 1 tonne during that period (December 2018 to March 2019), so thank you! However, as the 12 year countdown has become 11, we've decided to step it up. We will still be purchasing carbon offsets, but we will be offsetting any shipments made from us to the customer (at no additional cost), thereby neutralizing the carbon footprint of our shipping. But more importantly, we would like to be a net positive business, achieved not only by the waste diverted with our products, but also with the planting of a tree for each.